I’ll be speaking at a conference about pollinators this August 18th in Minnesota

shutterstock_50010_frameI’m very excited to be speaking at and attending this upcoming conference at the Minnesota Arboretum. The 2016 Pollinator Summit will be a packed day of information sharing, networking, and meeting and mingling with wild bees in the garden. Pollination is one of my favorite natural history subjects, as well as being a topic that conservationists and gardeners can both become passionate about.


The conference website’s list of “who should attend” reads like my ideal invite list for a fascinating dinner party: Landscape designers • landscape architects • land managers • state and local agency staff • parks and public works staff • community planners • non-profit staff • urban gardeners • elected and appointed officials • commercial growers • builders and developers • educators • concerned citizens • nurseries/garden centers/plant production staff • others inspired to protect pollinators


It is also a steal in terms of price. If you are thinking of attending, let me know, and we can start the pollination conversation early!

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